Remembering Shirley Temple

If you are a child of the 80’s like me, or any previous generation, you would have watched or at least heard of the darling little girl in curls, Shirley Temple. Growing up, my mom was huge into musicals and classics. I remember her twisting my hair up in old strips of linens to sleep in, only to awake the next day with “Shirley Temple curls.” When I saw a post from Model Life Magazine asking boutique owners to create looks inspired by Shirley Temple, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Of course, I threw my name in the hat along with probably a bajillion others, but for some reason, I received an email asking for me to send in a dress for their shoot. How exciting!?!?!?!!

Right away, I knew I had to use a pattern I’ve had on my wish list for months, the Candy Castle Patterns Princess Dress. After all, don’t we always need an excuse to hoard get a new pattern???  I have a visual memory, and it served me well. I remember spotting the most perfectly perfect red polka dot on white satin fabric from Fabric Mart. Did you catch the sneak peak on Instagram?? The creative stars aligned and my design was complete!

Drum roll please…..

I present to you, my ode to the great Shirley Temple. Inspired by her iconic red and white polka dot dress shown in the film, Stand Up and Cheer.


The dress is packaged up and ready to go! I can’t wait to see if it makes the feature spread in the magazine!!

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