I’m 99.9% Sure I’m a Disney Princess

Who’s with me??? Well, maybe I’m not a princess (more like a queen, right???) but my four year old sure thinks she is! When I was given the opportunity to test a few  princess dresses for Made for Mermaids Pattern Shop, I think Kenzie’s wildest dreams came true. I’m on a pattern buying freeze right now, but when I allow myself to buy more- I’ll be going for the entire collection!!!

Made for Mermaids offers an entire line up of Everyday Princess dresses inspired by your most favorite Disney Princess characters. I was privileged to test three in her collection: Merida, Aurora and Belle. Each pattern has different variations that suit the popular styles for the princesses. Enjoy the photo galleries and some details about the distinct look offered by each of Megan’s adorable patterns. Although I decided to go a little over-the-top with some of the dresses, they have become everyday wear for Kenzie (be sure to check out the final photo in this post).

The best news of all, you can have your very own Lily Shine Boutique everyday princess dress! Click on the main photo in each section and it will lead you to the listing in the etsy shop!!! Use coupon code: BLOG5 for $5 off your purchase, an exclusive coupon for blog followers!


merida collage.jpg

Merida: a fitted peasant dress that offers detail inspired by the movie, Brave. A ruffled sleeve and neckline, arm binding, waist sash and hem band take the basic peasant style to a whole new level! This dress is a quick sew and can be made in every day prints or in fabrics reflecting the true character inspiration.

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aurora collage.jpg

Aurora: a short sleeve fitted peasant dress with back sash tie, skirt peplum overlay and optional shoulder tie. I took full creative freedom on this and added a floral tulle overlay on the skirt but many other testers uses the standard kona cotton and still made beautiful dresses! Kenzie is a HUGE Aurora lover, so I kicked this one up a notch! I know what you are thinking- when would she ever wear a dress like this??? Stay tuned…scroll down if you can’t possibly wait.

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belle collage.jpg

Belle: a shortened peasant dress, with neckline ruffle and bottom ruffle tier. I love the everyday feel of this pattern- although Belle’s dress is much more elaborate in the movie, this simplistic design emulates the character without putting too much fuss into the design. I used a buttery cream textured taffeta that gave structure to the skirt, enough twirl and poof for any princess!

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I look forward to adding more to my princess collection, and offering great character inspired dresses in my etsy shop. Mostly because I am *still* a little Disney-crazed, and my girls are falling more and more in love with the princesses from their favorite movies.

The best part about the Everyday Princess pattern collection from Megan of Made for Mermaids is that they can be truly everyday dresses, or made extra special for birthdays, dances, and other special occasions.

Kenzie seems to think even the OTT boutique styles are perfect for a trip to the grocery store.

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 2.21.59 PM

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