The Duchess Frilly Vest


Well folks, Jen of Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns did it again!! If you remember a few days ago, I had shared my love for the Posey Dress Pattern featured in One Thimble Ezine. My second project from that edition was the Duchess Frilly Vest. Now, if you know me at all- vests are not my thing. Especially girly vests. But, Jen had me at “frilly” and I made a beeline to the stash of creamy beige linen I had been holding on to for what seems like years (let’s be honest, it really truly has been years). I pulled open my cart of trimmings and found some soft pink lace perfect for the frill! Such a quick and easy sew, I love the professional and clean finish this vest has- Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns always leave me sitting back in awe! 


I adore this vest. I really do love it.


I love even more that I found some fabulous accessories to create a chic ensemble, mostly from friends’ closets!!


I love the classic shape with extra girly touches. I love the little lace flutter in the sleeve and along the hemline.


I love the lace loops and pearlized buttons.


Swoonville. I am here.


PS. I *think* Kenzie likes it too!



One Thimble is on etsy! Click on over and pick up your own Duchess Frilly Vest pattern!

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