Talk About a Winner!!!

I recently was so graciously given the opportunity to test another knock-out pattern by Little Lizard King, and it is making me literally *SQUEAL* in excitement!

I sewed up my first take, in a tunic length, using some spare knit/woven I had on hand and have been hoping to use up. The sailboat print is darling; I love a good border fabric that is actually usable in children’s clothing! Michael Miller never disappoints. Of course, it was only fitting to snap these pics at our base Marina! And now, for your viewing pleasure…

Oh wait! Don’t click out yet! There’s more…

Flash back to the post title…

The name of this pattern is Blue Ribbon Winner dress, and I just wasn’t completely satisfied with my first go at it. It didn’t quite feel like a winner. The creativity bug bit me and I couldn’t help myself from sewing up another. This time…I think it’s definitely an All Star!


Here’s why…featured on the fabric of the skirt are notable landmarks of Downtown Honolulu/Waikiki. Great spots to visit like the Aloha Tower (where the photo was taken), International Marketplace (unfortunately under de-construction), Honolulu Zoo, Ala Moana Shopping Center, Diamond Head Crater, and the list goes on. Brilliant idea- why not take photos of Kenzie at some of these notable locations??? *DING*


The views of Oahu are so breathtaking, and this dress fit right in with the scenery.

Diamond Head Crater in the background, Kenzie mid-song “Let it Go”


Now let’s chat about the amazing pattern featured in this post. Knit bodices with woven skirts are not only my favorite style to sew, but Kenzie’s favorite style to wear. They are comfy, easy to get on and off, aren’t tight or restrictive, play great at the park, and keep that girl twirling around like a crazy cat. Liz, of LLK patterns, kicked things up a notch by adding in many sleeve options- sleeveless (as shown), cap sleeve, short sleeve, and long sleeve. The pattern includes measurements and directions for a bottom tier ruffle, a woven sash tie and a knit waistband (as shown). You could make a million and two different styles from just one pattern! BONUS! A cute functional pocket, perfect for storing treasures…or in Kenzie’s case, she had a pocket full of sunshine sand! HA!

In case you were frantically scanning this post to find out where in the world I found that adorable fedora, Palm Tree Princess carries them from time to time! I happened to catch a post on her Facebook page one day and knew it would be the perfect accessory for this dress!

I know you are going to love this pattern, and probably make a hundred and seven of them as soon as it releases…don’t worry, I’ll be right there with ya.

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