Mother’s Day Roundabout Dress

mothersday dress-3.jpg

There’s one thing little girls are notorious for doing, and it’s playing dress up! If your little gal is anything like mine, she somehow finds her way into my makeup bag, shoe boxes and jewelry on a daily basis. In honor of Mother’s Day, this fun and flirty Roundabout Dress was created!

mothersday dress2-2.jpg

The dress has fun and funky straps, looping through the front bodice and tying in the back. Delicate black lace on a bright blue floral tuxedo ruffle add a touch of class and cuteness.

mothersday dress3.jpg


Some of mom’s favorite things: tea/coffee pots and handbags are showcased in the full circle skirt. This dress has twirl like no other!

mothersday dress-2.jpg

If you have a mini me, she will adore this dress.

mothersday dress.jpg

It’s totally #selfie worthy!

mothersday dress2


Take a step back and admire your little mini, before you know it they will outgrow your shoes!

/Pattern by Little Lizard King

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