The 50th State Fair!


Each year, the Aloha Stadium hosts a state fair on Oahu that boasts of carnival rides, interesting shows and enjoyable carnival food. This year happened to be the 50th anniversary of the fair, and many local photographers set out to capture the excitement and nostalgia. Hailey Faria, of Hailey Faria Photography and I put our heads together to dream up a vintage circus act starring two of the most adorable children!


I found this adorable swimsuit romper on Pinterest and traced it back to the Stella McCartney Kids Collection. I loved the stripes, the trapeze-atrist feel of the cape, the front ruching detail and the vintage appeal of the romper shape. Hailey agreed and I got to creating! I used the Adelaide Romper by Peekaboo Pattern Shop as a base for the romper. A few changes like omitting the front bodice collar and creating a sweetheart shape, lengthening the bodice to allow for ruching, shortening the shorts and using elastic casings for the legs in place of the hem band, emulated the look from the pinsperation romper. A black stripe on cream background taffeta kept the bubble shape well and looked great with the taupe piping around the edges of the bodice.


For the boy’s shirt, I used the Offbeat Oxford pattern by Terra’s Treasures. I loved the curved button placket in the front, the perfect shape and fit for a young boy, and the ease in construction. I had never made a boy’s shirt before, especially an oxford style so I was a bit intimidated. But, with the helpful photos and clear directions from the pattern, it sewed up in a breeze! Hailey picked out this really neat duponi silk with a gorgeous tungsten color and  rich slubs that brought lots of texture and a rustic feel. I used some great metal buttons found at our local fabric mart along the curved placket. She paired the top with some great loose fit jeans, some boat shoes, and thin striped suspenders.


Together, they became the perfect trapeze artist and assistant, enjoying the fair in the still, quiet, after-hours. Hailey did an amazing job of capturing these custom made outfits on her models, I am so smitten with each photo she took!


4 thoughts on “The 50th State Fair!

  1. Oh my goodness I’ve been falling in love with your blog as I read it, your photos are beautiful and your commentary is lovely! However I got to this post and just died! It’s so magical, totally up my alley argh!!

    Good luck with PRP, I cannot wait to see what you come up with 🙂

    1. You are so sweet!!! I am sure most people are thinking what is this girl thinking?? She doesn’t belong!! But I really love making unique, high fashion items for fun even though my shop is very cutesy and commercial! These type of projects keep my creativity fresh and exciting, the mundaneness of sewing the same dress over and over for my shop can get tiring! I am excited for prp and the adventure that awaits!!!

  2. I can’t believe I missed these great pictures of such delightful sweet designs!! I love your work and this shows off how talented you truly are!! Thanks so much for sharing your love of creativity and designing!! You always keep it fresh!! Beautiful models!!

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