The fastest, most twirly-cute skirt ever!

Take 5 Skirt-11

There is something magical that happens when a sweet, little girl puts on a skirt. From early age on, there is this intrinsic need to twirl a skirt out and awe at its flowy swirl. When Little Lizard King patterns came out with the Take 5 skirt pattern, it was exactly what the Twirl Doctor ordered!

Take 5 Skirt-12

This pattern is pretty neat- coming with the options to have a circle hem or leave the corners square for a “pixie” style skirt. I am hoping to make a pixie/circle combo soon!

Take 5 Skirt-8

I love being able to use scraps of knit or even upcycling tees to make my kids clothing. That keeps the cost down and the fun factor up!

Take 5 Skirt-2

This skirt has options for a single fabric, 2 panel, 4 panel and even a funky 8 panel skirt.

Take 5 Skirt

The very best part about this skirt isn’t the huge size range, the multiple options, the big twirl feel, but rather the fact that it takes MINUTES to sew. I love the ease in using knit to create cute clothing- no hems needed- a quick swipe of the rotary cutter and you’ll be good to go!

Take 5 Skirt-17

Would you like to see more of this style in the Lily Shine Boutique etsy shop? If so, leave me some love and I’ll start stocking it up!!!

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