Easy Softie Pattern- Kenzie’s First Sewing Project

If you haven’t already subscribed to One Thimble e-zine, you are certainly missing out! I am more than thrilled to be a part of their special promotions team and this new issue is one that is a must have! I love the variety of patterns- boys, girls, babies, and now even toys! I have sewn up three new patterns featured in Issue 4 and am so happy to share with you some of my projects! <Click here to visit One Thimble.> (affiliate link)


The first pattern I whipped up from the most recent issue was the Easy Softie Pattern by Jody’s Crafty Creations.



This is a great beginner sewing project for kids and adults with lots of cute options! After showing Kenzie the various softies she could choose from, she quickly picked the dog. She is about 4.5 years old, so for some of the construction- like cutting the fabric, ironing, and hand stitching- I had to step in to help, but she really did the majority of the Softie with supervision.


I turned her loose in my sewing closet (aka a fabric hoarder’s lair), and she picked out some adorable materials to use and we went to work!


We sewed up her dog softie in an afternoon. I figured she would need a few breaks and we would spread it out over a few days but once we got going she did not want to stop. I wonder where she learned that from????


She eagerly helped to cut out the few pattern pieces, traced them onto the material, and watched impatiently as I carefully cut each piece out.


Her favorite part was the dog’s mouth, which we hand stitched together.


For the most part, she did a lot of the sewing on the machine. I had to hand stitch the tail and close up the Softie after it was all stuffed.




She was super proud of herself, and adored her dog!! She is excited to try out the other Softie animals to make for friends and her little sis!


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