The Field Research Pants- #boysbundleUP Promo

These are the most amazing pair of pants I’ve ever made! Let me be honest, I don’t really ever make pants. But when I do, they better be awesome like these with zip off option, cargo and back pockets, faux fly, flat front and of course made with some really unreasonable material like dupioni silk! HA! Check them out, I’ll fill you in about the super cool pattern I used along the way.

Field Explorer_-25Kenzie had her heart set on this super soft, slightly slubbed dupioni silk from the fabric store and there was no convincing her otherwise. But, the drape of the fabric and soft structure fit with the style of the pants so I guess it was a win-win after all!

Field Explorer_-24She loved that they zipped off into shorts. We had a Briar Rose moment when she wanted to “MAKE THEM SHORTS! MAKE THEM PANTS! MAKE THEM SHORTS AGAIN! NOW PANTS!!!” The great thing about it, with the zip off option, she could play either way within seconds!

Field Explorer_-29

The pockets were the perfect size, not too big and bulky for my skinny princess but just right for storing treasures. Because every explorer princess needs a pocket full of posies…or in her case, weeds!

Field Explorer_-31

I love the flat front of the pants, it allowed me to pair the Winter Wear Designs Petit Pan Top tucked in for extra girly flair! I simply adore the top, so easy and so stylish!

Field Explorer_-20

Check out more images in the gallery below. Head over to Pattern Revolution’s Bundle UP Sale to pick up your pattern along with lots of great others that can be girled-up or just for boys!




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