Top Stitchers: Cinderella Challenge

Cinderella Main w logoHi, friends!!! Oh my goodness- I cannot BELIEVE this moment is finally here!!! If you know me at all, you know these two things to be true: 1. I am 99.9% sure I am a Disney Princess, and 2. I have the patience of a small toddler. This Top Stitchers challenge was a true challenge. For real. I cannot keep these kinds of exciting things to myself for THIS long! Phew. So, so, SO excited to be able to share with you what I’ve been working on for the last month or so.


Ok, let’s get the ball rolling and discuss my Cinderella challenge entry (see what I did there??) When first given the prompt for this challenge, my mind ran in 100 directions. Seriously, you should see my secret pin board. It’s a hot mess. But, with time and focus, I was able to zero in on exactly what my “Cinderella moment” would be, and that is bringing back the fabulousness of the 1950’s couture style. With my daughter begging me daily to make her a Cinderella bride dress, I had to find a way to meet the challenge requirements and fashion her the most amazing and unique look. After lots of research and countless hours on Pinterest, I found my main focus: fabric manipulation, layering, floral headpieces and lots and lots of tulle. I’ll link you to my inspiration as I discuss each detail.


When I came across this photo, I had my lightbulb moment and set my design: pantaloon romper with a detachable princess skirt. As much as I yearn for couture and over-the-top looks, I know my sweet 5 year old can’t run around in a ball gown all day. I wanted to make a versatile ensemble that can be good for dress up, and good for everyday wear.


For the pantaloon romper, I used Violette Field Threads’  Haven Romper pattern. I chose a beaded cream tulle overlay for the bodice, gold slub taffeta under trimmed with gold metallic bias. The pantaloons were made of a blue slub taffeta, tied off with cream stain ribbon and butterflies along the hem. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create a freezer paper stencil and handpainted gold glitter fabric paint into butterflies, reminiscent of the blue butterfly dress from the new Cinderella film. Twelve butterflies on each pant leg, to symbolize “midnight” and its importance to Cinderella.


I used the scalloped hem of the beaded tulle in the back strap detail.


The tulle princess skirt was made from the same beaded cream tulle featured in the bodice, with six layers of tulle and a skirt lining. I used the Calla Lily Skirt pattern by EYMM for the petal hi low overlay and the waistband from the new Lottie Skirt by Brownie Goose.


Fabric manipulation is something I don’t play with much in my work of playground princess clothing. I stumbled upon these great projects with Wave Tucks and I was in love! My beachy loving heart was thrilled to see this interesting manipulation of pintucks. I featured this technique in the waistband of the romper to tie together the bodice and pantaloon fabrics and add some texture.


Lastly, every princess needs a good hair accessory. I was inspired by this beautiful collection of 1950’s floral hats featured on this blog, and created a cream floral crown with blue butterflies reminiscent of the new Cinderella film.


My daughter insisted on a veil, so I made one with left over beaded tulle and watched her wedding-obsessed heart soar.

CinderellaWell there you have it, folks! My Cinderella challenge entry, a 1950’s nod to Ella’s wedding gown featured in the new Cinderella film. My daughter is absolutely smitten with her bride dress, and I am happy to play fairy godmother to see that smile any day! Hop over to the Pattern Revolution Blog and weigh in on the Cinderella Challenge!


9 thoughts on “Top Stitchers: Cinderella Challenge

  1. Cassie- This is absolutely stunning. Amazing. Gorgeous. Fairytale. LOVEEEEEE it!!! Awesome job!!!!

  2. Be my fairy Godmother!! I adore these looks. I want to try the wave technique. Love it Cassie. I can not wait to find the time to sew up the Haven.

  3. Oh my gosh that is absolutely stunning! What a clever chook you are! I LOVE making princess dresses but yes they are so inpractical, there you go solving the dilemma! I thought my problem solving was good, but yours = epic 😀

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