Katy Perry NYE Blog Party: {After} Christmas Tree

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a great week of relaxation, contemplation and reflection of the previous year, and of course, to eat obscene amounts of cookies, pies, and leftovers. For me, it’s always a time of pondering when to take down the Christmas decorations and what in the world should I do with the Christmas tree? This is K’s pondering face. Or maybe it’s her “Mom, it’s freezing out, why am I standing in a Christmas tree??” face.

Katy Perry-5

When the Katy Perry NYE Blog Party sign ups went around, I started pondering further: What would Katy Perry do with her Christmas tree? Just throw it out? Leave it up for rockin around on NYE? Too basic. It was a no brainer- Katy would most definitely…wear her Christmas tree.

I’ve been seeing lots of link ups and pins about making a dressform Christmas tree dress, but only came across one actual “dress” from a Christmas tree. I always like to pave the way to new ideas, so here you have it- Christmas tree dress for my sweet December baby.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry-11

I know what you are thinking- how in the world did a Christmas tree (in this specific instance, TWO trees) turn into a skirt like that???? A quick trip to the local Tractor Supply Co. to pick up some vinyl chicken wire (thank goodness they had green vinyl coated wire because that silver stuff is so pokey!), a not-so-quick trip to Jo-Ann’s for some fabulous and on-trend Buffalo Plaid and white faux fur, and we were set to start our adventure!

My husband and I started shaping the wire into a skirt form.

Once we had the skirt base made, we took scrap branches from our Christmas tree and started layering in the tree branches by weaving them into the wire.

Katy Perry-4

After we used up our existing branches, I wasn’t satisfied with the look and ran out for a second tree. It happens. I’m sure KP herself has a big enough tree to make dresses for herself and her bffs. We only had a 14.5 footer. Seriously.

The second tree provided the right amount of fullness and texture I was hoping for, and so I set my sights on sewing up something for the bodice.

Katy Perry-6

I was fortunate enough to test the Cora Bolero pattern from Violette Field Threads, but hadn’t had a chance to sew up a version with the awesome asymetrical collar option. I figured KP would like something big and bold- and of course some fun textured fabrics like the buffalo plaid flannel and white faux fur gave it just the extra spunk to meet the celebrity’s signature style.

Katy Perry-9

Katy Perry-10

To take things over the top just a bit more, I dreamed up styling K’s hair into a Christmas tree topper bow- cascading sparkle ribbon and hair looped extra big and extra glam.

Katy Perry-7

Katy Perry-2

Now, this ensemble was ready and set to photograph for almost a week before the weather cooperated enough to give us some lovely snow to complete the look. I mean, if you HAVE to be in Michigan for the holidays, it ought to be wintery and full of snow, right???

Katy Perry-8

So there you have it- a Katy Perry inspired Christmas tree dress fit for a stylish diva. Next year when you are contemplating what to do with that left-over tree, why not hack it up and make something pretty for yourself???



Katy Perry-3

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21 thoughts on “Katy Perry NYE Blog Party: {After} Christmas Tree

  1. This is soooooo EPIC! Ilove everything about it. The branchs of the skirt are beautiful. That bolero could not be more perfect as a pairing. Love the plaid and fur with this. And the hair!!! Just amazing!!

  2. Very creative! The hair bow topper really pushes the entire look over the top! Great job! All you top-stitchers are sew talented!
    PS the little girl in me really wants that skirt!

  3. THIS WAS EVERYTHING!!!!! I think you might have started a tree skirt wearing trend! haha….the entire outfit is so lovely. Love the pairing of fabrics. JUST PERFECTION!!!

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