Ogden Cami Pattern Hack Series: DIY Peplum Top Modification

Hey friends! Or shall I say Hola from sunny and gorgeous Cancun, Mexico!! I packed my bags full of me-mades and embarked on an amazing girls trip this week! There was sun, there was sand and there was a handmade outfit of the day to share with you all on my Instagram.

Of course I had to pack a few of my favorite Ogden Camis, and two of which were brand new and round # 3 and 4 of my Ogden Cami Pattern Hack Series! It has been so fun coming up with these quick and easy modifications to get even more use out of the already incredible Ogden Cami Pattern by True Bias. You can see Hack 1 (Cross Front) and Hack 2 (Button Front) in my previous posts.

Hack #3: Peplum Top

This hack is super easy and will need just a quick measurement in order for you to get started. You can definitely customize where you want your peplum to hit, but for me I like for the seam to be at the smallest of my waist to give a flattering shape.

1. Measure from your underarm (where the top of the side seam of the Cami will hit) to the smallest of your waist (or where you want the peplum seam to hit).

2. Transfer that measurement to the side of the front pattern piece. Because the Cami is an a-line shape you don’t want to extend a straight line to the center front but rather mimic the bottom curve of the Cami pattern piece at that new marking point.

3. Before you cut, add 1/2″ seam allowance below the marking point and create a curve to the center front. Trim the pattern piece along the new line.

4. Repeat for the back pattern piece.

5. Measure the remaining piece you cut in step 3. This will give you the length measurement for the peplum. I cut a rectangular peplum that length plus 1″ for seam allowance and hem. You can make your peplum more full by cutting a wider rectangle front and back such as the entire width of the fabric. I chose to cut a less gathered peplum so I only cut about 8″ wider than the bottom of the Cami for each the front and back peplum.

6. Sew the Cami per the pattern instructions.

7. Sew the peplum front and back together at the side seams. Hem the bottom of the peplum by turning up the bottom raw edge 1/4″ and press, turn another 1/4″, press again and hem.

8. Gather the peplum to the same width as the Cami, align side seams and sew to attach. Finish the seam as desired.

The Finished Look

I sewed this Ogden peplum with a striped linen from Fabric.com. It has a bit of stiffness to it still but will soften up with each wash & wear.

I love playing with stripe direction and thought it would add a bit of interest to put the top portion in vertical stripes and the peplum as a horizontal stripe.

I hope you enjoyed this third hack in the Ogden Cami Pattern Hack Series! I can’t wait to share the final one and hear which hack you love the most!

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