Ogden Cami Pattern Hack Series: DIY Split Back

Hey there! It’s a bittersweet post as it will be the last of the four Ogden Cami pattern hacks I’ll be sharing with you in this series. I have loved coming up with some of these really easy but super trendy modifications for the already stellar pattern, the Ogden Cami by True Bias. With summer quickly approaching, I hope to see some of these great hacks from you all. Nothing makes my heart happier than when you share your makes using some of these tutorials!!! Before we begin this final hack, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for following along! If you’ve missed out on the previous three, you can view the Cross Front Hack, the Button Down Hack and the Peplum Top Hack on my blog and Instagram.

Want to keep the fun going? You can see many more pattern hack ideas for the Ogden Cami on my Pinterest. Ok, without further delay…let’s get this hack started!

Ogden Cami Pattern Hack- DIY Split Back

Hack #4: Split Back

This hack is super simple, just like the previous 3. In order to complete this hack, you just need to make one adjustment to the back pattern piece.

1. Extend the back center of your back pattern piece by 1/2″. This will provide a seam allowance for the split back. You do not need to modify the back facing, as your back pattern piece will end up the same width once you create the split back. When you cut your back piece, you’ll be cutting 2 mirror images rather than 1 on the fold.

Photo Mar 02, 12 56 24 PM.jpg

2. Use a serger to finish the raw center edges of the back pieces.

3.  Place the back facing on the new back pattern piece and mark where the facing will begin on the inside of your finished Ogden. You don’t want the split back to be higher than the facing. Set the facing aside.

4. Before you begin the Ogden Cami tutorial, sew down the new back pattern piece until 1/4″ below the marking you made in step 2 with 1/2″ seam allowance. Press the seam open down the entire back pieces. 

Ogden Cami Pattern Hack: DIY Split Back

5. Topstitch the seam allowance down the back center to provide a clean finish. If you do not want your serger stitches showing, you can turn the seam allowance in 1/4″ twice and then topstitch.

6. Sew the cami just as the tutorial states.

The Finished Look

I sewed the split back Ogden with a white linen from Fabric.com. The linen was a bit more stiff than what I had hoped for…next time I’ll definitely go for a rayon blend instead!


I wanted to sew a white one this time because I have a growing closet of cardigans and kimonos that I’d love to have a staple white cami to pair! You can’t beat a classic white top in the summer- plus it makes you look more tan HA!



I hope you enjoyed the last pattern hack in this series! I’d love to hear which one was your favorite in the comments!




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