{DIY Pinafore} York & Rowan Tee

DIY Fashion: York Pinafore by Helens Closet with Rowan Tee by Megan Nielsen Patterns

This outfit is all of my favorite things: stripes, emerald green, and big pockets!!!

I was so excited to finally sew up the super popular York pinafore by Helens Closet for this post. Although way excited for this project, I found myself meeting sewing fail after fail!!! Instead of scrapping the whole thing, I decided to embrace my mistakes and instead focus on some fun ways to style the look. I put together two takes on the same sews: Sporty & For the Sun! Let’s take a look…

The Patterns

The York pinafore is all over my Instagram feed and I’ve found inspiration after inspiration to give me the push to finally sew one! The pattern is a super fast sew- the most time consuming part is finishing the neckline and armholes in bias. I love the fit and how it’s comfortable without being shapeless!


I did not add any length for my height because I like a shorter hem on this style. I did cut the neckline between the curves of both views to create a bit so high, not so low neckline. I love where it hits! I sewed the kangaroo style pocket that is perfect for storing my phone and keys while on the go!


For the top, I originally wanted to sew the Rowan pattern from Meagan Nielsen as a body suit. I thought it would be great to pair a body suit with the pinafore to make sure the top stays put and nothing is visible through the sides of the loose fitting pinafore. No one needs to see my undies!!! Haha! But, after adding 2″ to the length of the body suit pieces, there was still no way that body suit was buttoning without causing a massive wedgie all day long! Sewing fail #1!

I made the short sleeve, v neck version. I love the fit of this top and will be making many, many more (and hopefully a functioning body suit if I can figure out that ordeal!)


Furthermore, the fabric I chose just didn’t have the vertical stretch needed for a bodysuit. Fail #2! Be sure to check your fabric for the necessary stretch, and don’t learn that lesson the hard way like I did. So I chopped the bodysuit portion off and ended up with a cropped tee. I’ll have to try the bodysuit again, with even more length added and a stretchier fabric!


The Fabric

Speaking of fabric, let’s talk about it! I ordered both from sweet Tammy at D&H Fabrics Co.


First, the pinafore is made from the most beautiful Emerald green twill. It is the perfect weight and body for the York pinafore. I love how it keeps the shape, doesn’t wrinkle easily and has a subtle sheen to it. But…once I completed the pinafore and put it on…I immediately saw my fail #3. Maybe it was just subconscious inspiration because I see this on the daily, but a green pinafore totally says Starbucks barista to me. Once I noticed the uncanny resemblance of my freshly sewn York to the uniform of my coffee shop addiction, I couldn’t unsee it! And now I’m sure that’s all you see too…sorry I just ruined it for you! Ha! I guess the saving grace is that the pinafore is in my most favorite shade of green and for that, I love it anyway!


A striped knit is always my go to so that was a no brainer! Green paired with black/white stripes is totally my jam. The knit isn’t see through at all, which is important when sewing with white fabrics!

DIY Fashion: York Pinafore by Helens Closet with Rowan Tee by Megan Nielsen Patterns

One Outfit, Two Ways

I made a trip to Target to grab a few new accessories to bring some joy back into my sewing fails in this project! There’s something about a new shoe and purse to bring some joy, am I right??


DIY Fashion: York Pinafore by Helens Closet with Rowan Tee by Megan Nielsen Patterns

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