Misty Hack Week: DIY Tiered Sundress

Hey hey!!! Summer is coming to a close but my summer sewing is not done yet! I had the pleasure of joining a fun week of Misty Hacks with the debut pattern from Sew Altered Style, Misty Top & Dress. There have been some really fun hacks shared already, be sure to check them out with the #mistyhack on Insta!

I want to first share a little background info on the pattern before I share how I hacked it into a tiered sundress with tie shoulder straps! I’ve got a full tutorial for you…but first let’s learn more about Misty!

Misty is a Top & Dress pattern with a feminine deep v-neck front and two options for the back neckline. The pattern includes a straight strap or a cross back strap option. The amazing size range is a definite win: sizes 0-30! The Misty has bust darts for a really tailored look and two cup options: A/B & C/D. The Misty dress has two length options. The dress also includes an option for a cinched waist with drawstring or elastic. The top and dress can be cut on the fold or with a center seam. I’m just imagining some awesome herringbone stripe detail going on with that center seam!

I think Mac and Katie did an incredible job of taking in feedback from their followers on what they want included in a pattern because this pdf is jam packed! Sizing tips, adjustment tips, cutting checklists, printing guides, layer printing, cutting layouts, quick sew sheet, and great sewing tips throughout the full tutorial make this a great beginner sewing pattern.

Don’t leave me just yet to purchase this pattern although I know after reading all those details about it, it’s hard to stay here and read more! Let’s look at my hack and how you can easily recreate it using the Misty Pattern.

Misty Top and Dress from Sew Altered Style: DIY Tiered Sundress by @LilyShineCreates

DIY: Tiered Sundress Tutorial

To start, you’ll need to print the front and back for your size. I printed the entire front and back so that I could measure the full dress length, but you could probably just go off of finished measurements if you wanted to save paper. I also printed the wide strap pattern piece.

Modifying the Pattern Pieces


  1. Adjust your front and back pattern piece to end at your natural waist, and then add a 3/8″ seam allowance to the bottom line. The waist marking for the drawstring/elastic waist casing is a bit lower than where my natural waist hit so I just folded the piece up a tad to get it right for my body proportion. I love having the seam at my natural waist as I find it most flattering. I cut one main and one lining for each bodice front & back (I used the fold line but you could still do the center seam if you desired!). You could use the facing still but I thought having a double layer at the waist seam will be a bit more stable for the weight of the tiered skirt.

2. The wide strap will be cut 4 on the fold instead of just a straight cut of the pattern piece. This will give you ample length to tie the cute shoulder straps! If you wanted smaller bows and tails, you can reduce the width of the pattern piece slightly and then cut on the fold but I loved how the straps are on mine!

3. BRACE YOURSELF FOR SOME MATH!!! Using your desired finished length (mine was 35″), figure the remaining skirt length from your adjusted front bodice. My front bodice measured 13.75″ from the top to the waist, leaving my skirt portion to be 21.25″. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance to attach the skirt to the bodice, I figured the total skirt portion to be 21.75.” I wanted three tiers, so I divided 21.75″ into three parts, roughly 7.5″ for each tier. Each tier will be attached with 1/2″ seam allowance at the top and bottom of the tier (bottom tier would be hemmed 1/2″) so I added 1″ to each tier height, 8.5″. I like using 1/2″ seam allowance with gathered skirts although the pattern has 3/8″ seam allowances…just personal preference!

4. MORE MATH, but this is it I promise! Calculate the skirt tier widths. I measured the front & back bodices to find the total width at the waist. For the first tier, I multiplied that total waist width by 1.3 (total waist was 40″, top tier width will be 52″). The second tier will be 1.3 times the first tier (52 * 1.3 = 67.6″). The third tier will be 1.3 times the second tier (67.6 * 1.3 = 87.88″). I’m not one to be super duper precise with gathered skirts so I just did a little rounding to keep it simple.

Tier 1: 8 1/2″ x 52″

Tier 2: 8 1/2″ x 67 1/2″ (I cut two strips at about 34″ and sewed them together to create one wide loop)

Tier 3: 8 1/2 x 88″ (I cut two strips at about 44″ and sewed them together to create one wide loop)


Sewing the Tiered Sundress

  1. Follow the tutorial directions to create the front and back bodice pieces. Repeat for the bodice front and back lining. Attach front and back main at the side seams. Repeat for the lining.
  2. Sew the wide shoulder straps by folding the piece in half with right sides touching along the long raw edge. Sew around the long and one short side, turn right side out. Repeat to create all 4 shoulder straps.
  3. Baste the shoulder straps to the front and back main along the pattern markings.


4. Sew the bodice front/back main and lining together along the neckline, right sides together with the straps sandwiched in between. Clip corners, notch curves and turn right side out. Understitch lining.


5. Create the three skirt tiers by sewing each tier at the side seam. If the tier required more than one cut to get the total width, sew the two strips together at the side seams to make one wide loop.


6. Hem the bottom tier ( turn up 1/4″, press, turn up another 1/4″ and edge stitch.)

7. Gather bottom tier to width of second tier. Sew to attach, right sides together. Finish seam.

8. Gather second tier (now with bottom tier attached) to width of the top tier. Sew to attach, right sides together. Finish seam.

9. Gather top tier (now with second and bottom tier attached) to width of the bodice. Sew to attach, right sides together. Finish seam.


10. Tie the shoulder straps, slip it on and admire how amazing this little sundress is on you!!!

The Finished Look

0J9A59520J9A59000J9A5874Misty Top and Dress from Sew Altered Style: DIY Tiered Sundress by @LilyShineCreates0J9A58690J9A5973

I hope you enjoyed my Misty Hack! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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