DIY Upcycle Cami with Darn Good Yarn

I’m chugging along with #selflesssewingseptember and had SO much fun with this unique and creative opportunity to partner with Darn Good Yarn. They reached out asking if I’d like to collaborate and provide my readers with a fun tutorial using their Recycled Sari Silk Fabric bundles. I received two bundles in exchange for social media posts and a fun tutorial. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

I love repurposing clothing items and bringing new life to something that already once was amazing. The silk fabrics were gorgeous, smooth and cool for these hot summer days that seem unending. I loved the jewel tones of the bundles I received…perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. After lots of creative contemplating, I knew exactly what to do with the bundles!

If you’ve been around this creative space for a small amount of time, you will already know of my love for the Ogden Cami (pattern by True Bias). I knew there was a Mini Ogden Cami and I was always wanting to get it and sew some for my girls. This was the perfect opportunity! I’ve been working hard this month to be selfless with my sewing after all! I know they love to match me, so I was sure to make an original size Ogden as well (but really, I’m sending it to my mom per her request!!!).

Because the silk fabric was already cut into the curved shape of a sari skirt, I knew I had to get creative with how to cut the fabric to be usable for the Ogden pattern. I decided to try some fun fabric blocking and create a left and right side of the cami to showcase two different silk fabrics. I played with the pairings until I found 3 sets of two fabrics that were similar weight and drape, coordinated in color scheme and would bring smiles to my recipients’ faces!

DIY Fabric Block Hack

Here’s where my pattern hacking skills came into play! I wanted to take a few photos and explain the steps so that you could recreate this same Fabric Blocked Cami look with whatever fabrics you desire- repurposing apparel or just grabbing from your stash!

  • If you’re using repurposed material, find the most desirable section of fabric. For best results, be sure the fabric grain line will align with your pattern piece grain line. Cutting off the grain may yield a different result, so take note!
  • Since you’ll be cutting the front and back pieces not on the fold, you’ll need to allow for extra seam allowance along the front and back center. I used 1/2″ seam allowance but you can use whatever you prefer!
  • If you want the right side front and back to match, you’ll need to cut the fabric so that when sewn, they will match up! This part is tricky if you’re not paying close attention. Cut one of your fabrics, let’s call it Fabric A, with the pattern piece right side up. Cut the other fabric, Fabric B, with the pattern piece right side facing down. This will ensure you get a left front and back of one fabric, and a right front and back of the other.
  • Sew the two fronts together along the center front, per your chosen seam allowance. Finish the seam as desired, or use a french seam for extra durability and a clean inside!
  • Repeat for the two back pieces. Double check that when sewn together, the fronts and backs have the same fabrics aligning!
  • Follow the cami tutorial to complete the garment!

Super simple but with a fun little eye catching detail, right? You can apply this same concept to most top patterns- whether it be a cami, tee shirt, sweater, etc!

I hope you enjoyed this fast and easy tutorial!!! You can purchase your own bundle of Recycled Sari Silk Fabric to recreate this look here. Be sure to use coupon code LILYSHINECREATES15 for extra savings!!!


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