DIY Iron On Embellished Tank with the Cricut EasyPress Mini

Hey friends!!! I’m so excited to be back sharing another great collaboration with the team at Cricut! I’ve had so much fun with my previous projects using great Cricut products. In case you missed them you can check out my previous posts here, here, here and here. I was geeked to see another new product launch with the Cricut EasyPress Mini and kept my eyes peeled for an opportunity to play with this adorable little tool!

Before we jump into what I created using the EasyPress Mini, let’s take a minute to talk about the newest asset to the EasyPress family. First, the EasyPress Mini has the same great even heat surface, technology and benefits as the EasyPress2, just in a smaller size! The EasyPress has the efficiency and quick use of a heat press with the convenience of an iron. I have both the original EasyPress and the EasyPress2 but having another size to choose from is a great addition to my sewing and crafting tool kit! The mini size is perfect for tiny Iron On details or using smaller crafting surfaces such as shoes, hats, sleeves, collars, pockets, etc. You can add fun personalization to all these products, even stuffed animals, to create unique gifts!

This project was perfect for using up all the little scraps of Iron On I’ve saved from previous projects. I knew I saved every last bit for a reason, right??? If you don’t have Iron On scraps on hand, the Cricut store has great sampler packs to help build your stash!

I’m a sucker for a good scrap busting creation so without further ado…let’s get going!

DIY Iron On Embellished Tank Tutorial

This tutorial can be applied to any fabric print, not just this Crowded Faces knit from Blackbird Fabrics. You can apply this same tutorial concept to florals, geometric prints, border prints, etc. The sky is the limit! You can choose to add multiple details or just use one detail and repeat it throughout the print for a really fun look!

Step 1: Decide which part of the fabric print you’d like to embellish. Trace the detail of the print you’d like to add the Iron On. I chose a few different hairstyles that repeat throughout the front of the tank top. I traced the hairstyles onto printer paper with a pen. If you wanted to be a bit more technical, you could use the stock photo of the print and trace the detail in Design Space. Take it one step further and use the Explore Air 2 and cut out the Iron On with great precision! Since I had two little helpers in the She Shed, we kept it more hands on.

Step 2: Cut out the tracings to create templates. You will want to place the templates on your Iron On scraps or sheets with the right side of the template facing the wrong side of the Iron On. This mimics the “mirror image” cutting setting in Design Space.

Step 3: Trace your templates on the Iron On.

Step 4: Cut out the Iron On design. The Cricut scissors are the perfect tool to cut out these small Iron On designs! My big helper loved cutting out each hairstyle! If you have older kiddos that like to participate in your craft projects, this is a great step for them to help!

Step 5: Lay out your Iron On designs on your garment. Play around with placement to create the desired look. TAKE A PHOTO of your determined layout. When you start applying the Iron On, you’ll move the rest of the designs off the garment so you’ll want a photo to reference as you work. You’re welcome for that tip 😉

Step 6: Plug in your EasyPress Mini and turn it on to the correct heat setting. If you’re not sure what to use for your project, Cricut has a helpful Heat Guide here. I used the medium heat setting for my metallic Iron On and knit substrate. The Heat Guide recommended I prep the fabric for 5 seconds, apply light to medium pressure to the Iron On for 30 seconds and to the backside of the fabric for 15 seconds. Once it’s ready, start applying your Iron On designs!

Within just a few seconds this little guy gave me the green light to start! I used a pressing cloth as the metallic Iron On is quite sensitive! Since I was working on my large cutting table, I grabbed my Cricut EasyPress Mat to use under the garment. See how perfect the size of the EasyPress Mini is for my Iron On designs- just the right heat surface!

Step 7: Flip the fabric over and apply heat from the wrong side. This is a game changer to keep the Iron On durable and long lasting! Don’t skip this step! Take note of how close my EasyPressMini is to the other Iron On design, but thank goodness it is small enough not to ruin any of my previous transfers!

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all your Iron On designs are applied! Step back and admire your creativity- this was a fun project!!!

I applied the Iron On before sewing up my tank top. I was thankful to have that EasyPress Mini close by to help me press seams and refresh the neckline and armhole binding without interfering with the metallic Iron On. I can see how this tool will be great to have around my sewing space so I’m keeping it right next to my basic iron! Think: pressing collars, in between buttons, sleeve hems, etc. Genius, right???

What would you use the EasyPress Mini for? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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