2019 Fall Fashion Inspo: Style Maker Fabrics Tour

Happpppy second day of fall y’all! I’m sure you were inundated with a million reminders yesterday that it was THE first day of fall. There’s something so charming and cozy about fall and I can tell from the bajillion posts on social media about fall that many agree! Maybe it’s the idea of cooler temps and more snuggles, the savory and sweet food that fall harvests bring, or if you’re anything like me: its 100% about the fall fabrics and cute accessories!!

When Michelle of Style Maker Fabrics reached out and asked if I wanted to join the blog tour featuring their new fall fabrics, I had NO idea how much I would be inspired by the swatches! I quickly ran to my Pinterest board and looked for *the* perfect fall look to emulate. BINGO!

The Fabrics

I chose two fabrics right away, and then once I showed Michelle my inspo pic she kindly offered to send a third fabric for me to make an entire ensemble! GAH! I can’t tell you how excited I was for the package to arrive in the mail!! Here’s what I used:

  • Luxury Plush Ribbed Sweater Knit in Sand: The name is sooooo spot on. This ribbed knit is silky smooth, has a little sheen and feels so soft and cozy. The most luxurious sweater knit I’ve ever touched. Get some.
  • Small Leopard Animal Print Rayon Challis: If you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you will not be aware that animal print is HUGE this fall. I’m here to fill you in on that little trend 😉 But for real, friends, leopard print has my heart! I love the scale- it’s romantic and ultra feminine. The drape is money…the fabric is smooth and sews up like a dream. Perfect to layer under the ribbed sweater knit!
  • Stretch Pinwale Corduroy Solid Pecan: When I wear these shorts on Thanksgiving day, I’m going to be so thankful for the stretch HA!!! The cord is not too thick but definitely great for fall temps! I love the pecan color- it is going to match with so many of my sweaters!

The Patterns

I wanted to stay close to the inspiration photo but you know I can’t resist any opportunity to hack the Ogden cami (see previous series on the blog of 5 other hacks I’ve done!)

  • Darcey Cardigan from Made for Mermaids: I sewed the long sleeve, tunic length with side vents and pockets. If you’re looking for a classic cardigan pattern, this is great! It has lots of options: hood, sleeve lengths, hem lengths, hi/low, etc. that will help you fill your closet in a jiffy. I sewed this one up in about an hour! I skipped the binding and just hemmed the neckline and bottom in one shot.
  • Ogden Cami by True Bias: This one is just classic. If you have a yard of fabric and an hour, you’ll get an Ogden cami! I love the ease, the feminine v-neck that is super flattering, and how easy it is to throw on and feel put together. This time I did a quick hack to create a faux button placket front just for added detail! You can see on my Instagram story highlight how to re-create this look. If you want a “real” button placket, follow the hack here.
  • Chataigne Shorts by Deer and Doe: I adore D&D patterns and was super excited to find this extra fancy shorts pattern that resembled the shorts from my inspo pic! I love the front waistband shape (I sewed View A), the little pleats and of course the chunky cuffs. I ended up with a pair of shorts that were about 2-3″ too big at the waist so I had to clip them for photos but I’ll just take in the sides and redo the side seam invisible zipper closure. Bummed because I worked SO hard on that zipper and it is slick…I bet you had no idea it was even there!

The Accessories

A few recommendations for fall accessories:

  • Booties: Although the combat boot is super on trend, I love this biker inspired bootie from Freebirds. The buckles add a fun detail and the color is classic!
  • Felt Hat: Again, you’d have to be hiding under a rock to miss this trend lately but a good felt hat can be a splurge item OR you can shop the cheap options on Amazon. Lots of colors to choose from but you can’t go wrong with black!
  • Tights: Opaque tights are all the rage although the sheer patterned tights are still fun too. Target has a great selection to choose from!

I hope you enjoyed this fun new fall look with Style Maker Fabrics! You can follow along with the tour by hopping over to Pauline’s blog tomorrow!!!

9 thoughts on “2019 Fall Fashion Inspo: Style Maker Fabrics Tour

  1. So cute and you are spot on with your fabric choices! Stylemaker is such a great company! Did you see the swatch vlog with Inside the Hem? So great! Congrats, great job!

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