Ziggi Jacket: DIY Moto Jacket

Ziggi Cover

You know the saying “Practice Makes Perfect,” well that’s the theme to today’s blog post! I really want to be more confident and comfortable with sewing zippers so I decided to make a Moto jacket. I love the style- how it’s chic but a little rugged…how it could go hot date night or a warm wear for church…and of course it has pockets, so it was a must!

I grabbed some pinsperation and took the hour drive to JOANN Fabrics to scout out some faux suede and of course, a billion metal zips. Ok, only 5 but it sure felt like a billion 🤣

The Fabric

I chose a sand colored faux suede from JOANN with a coordinating poly lining. I didn’t want anything too thick as I keep hearing Texas gets hot…I’m not seeing that on this 26 degree morning but ok guys, I’ll check back in the summer. The Coats metal zips were also from JOANN.


The Pattern

I scoured the internet to find “the perfect” Moto jacket that had pockets and plenty of zips for me to get good practice, that was suitable for suede and had the right silhouette for my linebacker shape. After some research I found the Ziggi Jacket from Style Arc Patterns. I had never sewn a Style Arc pattern but I always see people post awesome makes from them, so I went for it. I poked around on a few blogs and was able to find a sewalong hosted by Sew Maris and felt confident enough to give it a try!

A note on Style Arc patterns from their website: you can purchase all the sizes or just your individual size (includes the size smaller and larger for blending). The sizes print on their own pages so if you wanted to blend, you’d have to print out a set of each size needed. I chose my size based on my bicep width (that’s crazy, I know) because I read the Ziggi runs slim in the arm and that’s the one spot that would be tricky to make bigger/smaller versus taking in the waist or chest if I needed to. Also wanted to point out that the tutorial section is just a laundry list of steps to complete…no digitized or real life step by step photos. The StyleArc blog has some awesome tutorials to walk you through some of the common construction techniques that are included in the tutorial section but you will still need a pretty good understanding of garment construction in order to sew the pattern. Thankfully I have made a few lined jackets in the past so I kind of new what to do without having step-by-step instructions.

After assembling and cutting out all the pieces, I had a pretty good pile going. It felt daunting but I really wanted a challenge. Again…crazy, right?? But my tried and true sewist friends know exactly what I was feeling!!

I spent the majority of a Saturday sewing the Ziggi while my kids played outside with the neighbors and my husband was at work. Thanks to Maris’ amazing sewalong I was able to piece it together with just a few seam rips. Ok more like 18294 but, it was a lot more manageable than I was fearing! I learned SO much so I’d call the sew a huge success!

The Final Look

Here she is in all her glory. Not perfect but made with lots of love, but mostly lots of learning. I am eager to make another just because I now have a great plan in my head of how I will do better next time. I guess that’s the whole point of this sew- to practice and to know how to do better. Sometimes in life we need that challenge that puts us beyond our skill set and gives a little humbleness to our craft.


I love this jacket. I feel ultra chic and put together. I know it will get lots of wear this spring and transition perfectly in the fall.


What I’ll do Better

Next time I’ll piece the main body and lining together separately first and then together because it seems to make the most sense in my head. There’s nothing wrong about the original construction- it’s just the way my head wants it to go. Can you relate???


I’ll do the vent in the sleeve. I didn’t because by that point I was so excited to be done…but I totally want to try it in the next Ziggi.


I’ll taper the waist. I sewed a straight size on this because I was worried about making it too small and unwearable. It’s a bit boxier than I wanted it to be, so the next time I’ll take some out of the waist. Remember I chose my size based on my bicep and well, apparently I lift too much because the rest of my body doesn’t match up. Lol! #stronggirlprobs


Lastly, I’ll take the project in small amounts. I sewed this kind of like how you drive to your destination on a vacation- you skip bathroom breaks, you give up meals and just focus on getting there. I think I would have enjoyed myself more if I took little bites at a time rather than consume it all in one shot.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Ziggi Jacket! Let me know if you have any questions or let me know what you think of the final look in the comments! Xoxo!

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