Cher Skirt Pattern Hack Series: How to Add a Flounce

Hey friends! I’m back with another fun skirt hack for you! This time I took inspiration from a really popular mini skirt style this fall: a flounced mini! The flounce adds a girly touch to the mini skirt and keeps things playful and casual. I found several inspiration styles to work from and got to “hacking” the Cher pattern…literally! I used the zipper closure option, with the mini length. Let’s get to it!

How to Add a Flounce

The process is really simple, but if you’re not a fan of math it might be more mental work than actually sewing work! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to figure out your flounce piece with ease!

1. Decide how long you want your flounce to be. In my case, I wanted the finished flounce to be 3.5″ long. I accounted for 1/2″ seam allowance to attach the flounce and 1/2″ seam allowance to hem the flounce. The pattern piece length of my flounce is 4.5″. Whatever you want for your length, add 1″ for seam allowance.

2. Shorten your skirt pattern piece to allow fo the flounce. My finished flounce is 3.5″, but I need to give 1/2″ to the skirt piece for seam allowance as I attach the flounce to the skirt. I reduced the skirt pattern piece by 3″. Whatever your flounce length is, subtract 1/2″ and that’s how much you need to shorten the skirt piece.

3. Measure the skirt circumference. Yikes. Did you just give up? Stick with me and I’ll walk you through this!!! Measure the bottom of your skirt piece (after you’ve shortened it in step 2). Since this skirt pieces is cut 2 on the fold, I multiplied the bottom of the skirt piece measurement by 4. My skirt piece measured 12.75 along the bottom edge. My total circumference is 51″.

4. Take the measurement in step 3 and let’s eat some pie. No just kidding. We’re going to use Pi, or 3.14 to keep things simple. The flounce will be a half circle. To calculate the measurement for the top curve of your flounce, You’ll use the measurement in step 3 and divide by 3.14, and then divide that in half (for the half circle. If you want a full circle flounce then just divide by 3.14). That will give you the first measurement needed to create your flounce piece. My measurement was 8 1/8″.

5. Calculate the bottom of the flounce pattern piece. This is going to be the measurement from step 4 plus the measurement from step 1. In my case, 8 1/8″ + 4 1/2″ = 12 5/8″.

6. Create your flounce piece. Start by folding your flounce fabric in half, aligning the selvedge ends together. In the top corner of your fabric, along the folded line, measure down 1″ and mark. This is going to be the point at which you measure your curve from. I like to move down 1″ just to keep things as clear and precise as possible. From your point, measure down the folded side the measurement from step 4. Hold a measuring tape or ruler at your measuring point and continue to mark that measurement along a curve as you pivot towards the top edge of your fabric. I draw little dashes every few inches and then go back and connect the dashes to form a curve at the end. Go back to your measuring point and repeat for the measurement in step 5. When you’ve done this for both the measurement in step 4 and step 5, you’ll have a flounce piece that has a top curve and bottom curve. From your measuring point, draw across your fabric to the selvedge end to create the top cut line of your flounce. Cut out the flounce on the fold, following the curves you’ve marked. Take that flounce piece and cut another just like it using that piece as a template.

7. Sew your flounce together at the side seams.

8. Hem your flounce in your desired method. I serged and flipped.

9. Follow the skirt tutorial and construct the skirt, aside from hemming.

10. Attach your flounce to the bottom of your skirt. Press the seam allowance up towards the skirt and topstitch if desired.

The Finished Look

I used some great end of bolt snakeskin print from StyleMaker Fabrics. It is a great stretch sateen that is perfect weight and drape for this flounced mini skirt.

I couldn’t decide at first how to style this outfit so I polled my friends over on Instagram. Here were the three options:

After the votes were in, this was the winning look:

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