Fall Wardrobe Builder: Chic Twist Back Sweater

I feel like fall hit East Texas super hard this week! The light is golden, the leaves are all changing colors from greens to burnt oranges, wine-y reds and mustard yellows, and the air is cool and crisp in the morning. I love the change of seasons as it seems to bring in a new energy and burst of creativity! As I finished up these new sweaters, I was so inspired by the trees and golden hour glow at the top of our driveway…I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to photograph these new sews!

If you’ve been following along, this season I’ve been building up my fall wardrobe using some really fantastic new-to-me sewing tools from my friends at Clover. I have previously shared a new Kalle shirt dress, and olive green Hudson pants. For my third sew, I made two really simple but super trendy Twist Top sweaters. I was extra excited for this post because not only did I have some great new Clover tools gifted for these sews but I received the knit fabrics from a new partnership with Eagle Fabrics.

I’ve been spotting a trend on Pinterest for fall and it’s a super cute twist back sweater! I really love how a little detail adds a big wow factor, and I also love the peep of the lace bralettes that I love so much! If you’re looking to add a little pizazz to your closet, the Twist Back Top pattern from Patterns for Pirates is a one hour wonder you just have to try!

The Fabrics

Eagle Fabrics reached out a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in sewing up something with some of their new sweater knits and sharing with my readers. I jumped at the opportunity because I love to share and support small shops like Eagle Fabrics! They have wholesale and independent designer (by the yard) options available on their website. I love that they carry organic and eco-friendly substrates that are made in America.

The first Twist Top I made was with a Slub Jersey sweater knit. The fabric has some spandex to it and as I shared in my Instagram stores (see Fall Wardrobe Highlights), it made the garment appear slinkier and a bit more drape-y! The knit has some taupe, cream and white in the weave and I love how it’s almost striped but has more variation to it.

The second Twist Top I made was with their Heather Grey Poly Rayon Stretch Hacci. This fabric had less spandex and made for a bit more fitted look with slight structure versus drape. I love the color; grey is one of my favorite shades to wear! I know it will pair perfectly with my Hudsons and of course plenty of other pants in my closet!

The Tools

This is my first knit project using the new Clover tools so I grabbed a few new ones to play with as I sewed up the Twist

  • Hot Ruler: This is such a helpful tool when it comes to getting a super crisp and even hem or fold line. I love being able to quickly and easily fold fabric with precision and use my iron to give it a good press without having to move the ruler away! This ruler has a grip-y side that sticks to the fabric without shifting as you iron the fold. When using knit, sometimes the edges will roll and this hot ruler helped me steam a crisp hem for the front of the Twist Top as well as the sleeves.
  • Water Soluble Pencils: I have been using the Thick Erasable Marker from Clover but for knits, I knew the marker may bleed into the fibers and spread causing the mark to not be as precise. So, I grabbed the pencils to transfer the markings on where my Twist placement should go. I love how easy it was to drop some water and watch the markings disappear! Since it was pencil, the markings stayed crisp and precise which is great when marking your garments for details!
  • Wonder Clips: I know this tool is what Clover is most well known for in the sewing community! There are many “knock off” clip options out there (I have some from Amazon) but I have to be honest and tell you there is nothing like the Clover Wonder Clip. And I’m not just saying that because they were gifted! They have a stronger hold to the clasp, they are a bit sturdier and don’t seem to break as easily and I love that the colors are more vibrant which makes them easier for my old lady eyes to see against my fabric. Yes, I’m at that stage of sewing where I need to get some more lights around my machine LOL!

The Finished Look

My photographer (9 year old daughter) and I had some fun with these photos as we played with the beautiful golden hour glow! Be sure to check back later on my final blog post for the Fall Builder series with Clover!

4 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Builder: Chic Twist Back Sweater

  1. Such a cute look on you! Aunt Pam

    On Tue, Nov 26, 2019, 8:56 AM Lily Shine Creates wrote:

    > lilyshinecreates posted: ” I feel like fall hit East Texas super hard this > week! The light is golden, the leaves are all changing colors from greens > to burnt oranges, wine-y reds and mustard yellows, and the air is cool and > crisp in the morning. I love the change of seasons as” >

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