Fall Wardrobe Builder: Striped Wide Leg Pants

This is a bittersweet post as it’s my final sew for the Fall Wardrobe collaboration with Clover! When I started this project, I had set out to add 4 staple pieces to my fall wardrobe that will work well with other sews and store bought items I have in my closet: joggers, shirt dress, twist back tops and now striped wide leg trousers. I have really loved the opportunity to share with you some great tips and tricks as I completed each garment. If you missed following along, you can check out the Fall Wardrobe highlight on my Instagram. But, truly the best part has been sharing the new sewing tools from Clover and getting your great feedback on each one! Some of you already use these tools but many have sent sweet messages and comments that you could really use the products in your sewing tool box. Keep an eye on my IG for an opportunity to make that happen very soon!! Well, without further ado…let’s take a look at my final look!

The Fabric & Pattern

I couldn’t make up my mind on which stripe to use, but thanks to my awesome IG family I went with the colorful stripe! I picked both of these up from Mood Fabrics during our summer trip to NYC.

I used the Lander Pant pattern from True Bias. I loved the Lander shorts I made during the summer and thought the pant length would make for the perfect wide leg trouser. I love the button fly (and the super easy snap on buttons from Walmart), the front & back pockets and the deep hem. I added 1″ to the rise and 1″ to the pant length to accommodate my 5’8 height. I wish I had added just a touch more to the pant leg but I think I can let out the hem some. I know the cropped pant is such a trendy look but I really like long pants!

The Tools

  • Hot Ruler: This is such a helpful tool when it comes to getting a super crisp and even hem or fold line. I love being able to quickly and easily fold fabric with precision and use my iron to give it a good press without having to move the ruler away! This ruler has a grip-y side that sticks to the fabric without shifting as you iron the fold. I used this to hem the pants with a super crisp hem!
  • Point 2 Point Turner: I used this to poke out the corners of all four pockets in these Lander Pants. The curved side is great for smoothing out the curves of the pocket tops too!
  • Water Soluble Pencils: I used the pink pencil to mark pocket placement and notches along the pant legs. I showed a fun and easy way to match your pockets to your pants if you’re using a stripe or print that you’d like to align in my IG stories. Check the Fall Wardrobe highlight to see! The pencil was great to have on hand while I matched up the pockets and pant stripes!
  • Buttonhole Cutter: Can’t even imagine opening a buttonhole without this clever tool! This cutter is sharp and creates a crisp cut line down the center of the buttonhole.

The Finished Look

I wasn’t sure if I could pull of these bold striped pants but as I got ready to head out and take photos…I realized how many tanks, sweaters and blouses I had in my closet (both me-made and RTW) that would pair with these new pants perfectly! It made me love them so much more- knowing I can get so much wear out of them through all four seasons!

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