Going Wild with Mood Fabrics

I am excited to wrap up my three post series for the Mood Sewing Network and share my third and final project with you all! This one, of course, was Pinterest inspired and a super fun sew!!! I decided to use some patterns I already had in my catalog instead of finding the perfect patterns to fit the inspired style which meant some hacking was involved. But no worries, I’ll walk you through exactly what I did to create this cute new outfit!!! Let’s take a look…f

The Inspiration

First, a glance at where I drew inspiration for this new summer ensemble. I love the ease and comfort in this look. The pants with an elastic waistband seemed like a super great idea- especially after a summer full of trips to the ice cream shop around the block from the new house. HA! I love the shoulder ties and slouchy feel of the cami top and I knew I could easily recreate that look!

The Fabrics

I’ve been dying to sew with some rib knit lately. Not sure why but I do love the added texture of the ribbing and the comfort of a silky knit. I love rayon fabrics because the drape, the smooth hand and the luxurious feel is just unbeatable so I chose the Black 4 x 2 rayon rib knit to create the cami.

I’ve been also wanting to add a fun pant to my wardrobe, so I went for this super cute take on the classic leopard print. It combines the concept of camo print with leopard spots in a really fun color scheme. The fabric is a stretch cotton sateen which means it has a little give (great for pants) and is wrinkle resistant (also super great for pants).

The Patterns and Modifications

I wanted to sew up a comfy, stylish new Ogden cami because it had been a few months since I made my last one. Everyone needs this pattern, and if you’re not convinced just look through my blog and IG to see the millions (hardly an exaggeration) of Ogden camis that are currently hanging up in my closet. Pretty sure it’s the most staple pattern you’ll ever need. I’ve done some really fun hacks with it so far, and this one wasn’t super technical but yielded a super cute new style.

To modify the Ogden cami for a knit, I simply sized down. A lot. I typically make the size 6 in this pattern but went for the smallest size instead. I did also reduce the width of the side seams to take out some swing shape.

To modify the Ogden cami for tie straps instead of the simple strap, I cut 4 straps instead of 2 and cut them on the fold rather than the single cut length indicated on the pattern piece.

For the pants, I chose to use the new Iris shorts pattern as the base. I wanted a cropped pant leg instead of the shorts so I elongated the leg of the shorts and tapered it at the inseam and side seam to get a closer fit. I added a hem cuff like the shorts pattern included for visual interest. I skipped the waist tie and added a sleek belt instead!

The Final Look & Mood Insider Perks

Here’s the completed look! I love how easy it feels to wear, wash and of course to construct. It’s super fun to be able to see something you like in RTW and recreate it exactly how you want to fit your unique body shape exactly how you want too! I love sewing for that very reason.

I had such a great time selecting fabrics and planning my projects as a part of the Mood Sewing Network. Another aspect of the collaboration was that I was given 3 month access to the Mood Insider program. I wanted to share a little bit about the program and the benefits of joining.

The best perk, in my opinion, is the free shipping! There’s something so great about heading to the checkout page and seeing that $0.00 no matter how big or small your cart is. I have to be honest and say there are times I just exit from the checkout screen when I see my fabric and shipping are the SAME PRICE! WHAT?!!?!?

There are other great perks such as exclusive access to remnants, additional 20% off sale selections, early access to sales and new arrivals, AND priority processing…kind of like having a fast pass to get your goods even sooner! You can apply to join here.

I hope you enjoyed the projects I’ve shared as a part of the Mood Sewing Network. You can view my first and second sews on my blog and always follow along with my sewing adventures in real time on my Instagram. Big thanks to Mood Fabrics for the collaboration and opportunity to be a part of the MSN!

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